7 signs you need a storage solution

Storage is one of those things you might not have thought about, but there’s plenty of signs it’s a solution that could work for you. Not sure what to look out for? Here’s the 7 signs you need a storage solution.

The home needs a serious declutter

If you’re forever tripping over piles of clutter, or always having to move boxes of junk into the spare room when you have visitors coming over, it’s a sign the house is in need of a serious declutter. When you have so many memories, trinkets, and keepsakes it can be hard to say goodbye to them. Some people will tell you to reach for the black bag and chuck it all away, but there’s a second option. Putting your items in a storage unit will clear space and give you plenty of time to sort through everything at your leisure.

You’re moving house and things are getting crowded

The same goes for moving house. If you’re finding that boxes are getting in the way, why not store them around the corner in your own unit? It will also give you plenty of breathing space when you come to the big day as you won’t be under pressure to get everything out the door on the day you exchange keys.

The spare room is more like a junk room

This subheading says it all really, doesn’t it? If you can’t stand the mess anymore all you need to do is load up the car and drive it away. And because it’s not going to the tip you won’t have to worry that you’re throwing anything away by mistake.

You travel a lot for work and don’t like leaving your stuff unattended

If you’re on the road for weeks or months at a time, and don’t have someone who can check in regularly, storage could hold the answer to all your prayers. It’s a secure and cost-effective solution that will give you plenty of peace of mind on your travels. What more could you ask for?

The attic is already full to bursting

This one is a bit of a giveaway because it’s your home’s way of telling you more storage space is needed. By emptying out the attic this weekend you can reclaim a huge amount of space at home, and find a whole host of things you forgot you even had.

The shed is overflowing with hobby equipment

If there’s one part of the home that bears the brunt it’s the shed. It’s been full for years, and yet somehow every time you take up a new hobby you manage to fit a few more things inside. Over time you’re going to lose the use of your shed because it will take you an age to find anything. Take the lot to your storage unit this afternoon so you can lay it all out. If there’s a few bits you desperately need at home you can easily go and get them.